Every summer since 2002 the wizard weaves a network of paths through the corn crop – Can you make your way through the maize maze and how high can you jump on the jumping pillows?

Wizard Maze and Play - Pilllow

Parent’s review
Parent’s view:- The weather didn’t know whether it wanted to be sunny or overcast, but we sided with the sun and in the main the weather was good. Which was good, as everything was outside.

For a family outing we have one basic need (aside from food and toilets!) – somewhere where the kids can burn off some energy! So, jumping pillows, go carts, straw bales to climb, a maze and more the Wizard’s Maze & Play ticks the box.

The kids loved the junping pillows, although they had to avoid a few daft kids who tried to ride toy tractors on the pillows. After persuading the kids to eventually come off the pillows we tackled the maze. There were a series of stamps to find and, despite going through the maze twice, we didn’t find them all, but we did have fun trying!

Wizard Maze and Play - Giant Haystacks! Climb the pyramid

Kids review
8 year old’s view:- Hahahahahaha – The jumping pillows were great fun! I was doing super mega bouncy bouncing, and when you fall over when some else jumps it’s funny trying to get up again. The maze was tricky- Dad got us lost at least more than once and even with my little brother on Dad’s shoulders we couldn’t find all the clues.

4 year old’s view:- I liked the straw thing (straw pyramid) -my brother helped me to climb to the top and then I was top Jedi! Jumpy things were the bestest. Walking in the maze hurted my legs (erm, the boy is lazy!) but I found the tower thing and we could see all across the fields! I fed a sheep and some chickens (note to self – help the boy improve aim if I don’t want breadcrumbs to land on my head!)

Wizard Maze and Play - Tractor ride