As kids grow older the range of activities they like to do differs, and maybe, just maybe, they like to do the things you like to do too. We have a teenager who enjoys the cultural and historical sites of Norfolk, though admittedly it’s normally because he gets to spend more time with his grandparents! But for NorfolkPlaces this also means he likes to take a few pictures, and we’ve managed to persuade him to jot down a few thoughts about a recent visit to Binham Priory. Perhaps we’ll have a new writer joining our team, progressing from Junior Photographer to Junior Journalist/Photographer. So, the author credit goes to Luke – let’s hope he can be persuaded to write a few more! I’ll hand over to Luke.   

That’s it Dad, step away from the keyboard. These good people want to read what I’ve written about Binham Priory and to check out my photos.

Let’s start with the history. Binham Priory is a benedictine priory located in Binham, North Norfolk. It was founded in 1091 by Peter Des Valoines, who was a nephew of William the Conqueror. It is still used as a place of worship for the inside is a church. The remains are in the care of English heritage. The remains are among the most most complete monastic ruins in Norfolk and emphasise the original size of this beautiful historic monastery.

Binham Priory

Kids review

Luke (13) – I enjoyed a nice walk around the priory with my grandparents. Though the walk itself is short, I guess it’s more of a fun sized Mars bar, and won’t spoil your tea. Overall I felt it was an enjoyable journey through history and offers a great, fun and imaginative way to learn about this 11th century priory.

Small information boards are dotted about tell you the extensive story of this historic place; These were very helpful and educational.

A number of excavations have taken place at Binham Priory since the 1930s, and a number of artefacts have been found, including pottery, tiles, worked stone and coins. Some of these items are on display in the church and are well worth checking out.

Duration of stay
We were at Binham Prioy for about an hour.

Field Notes
There are toilets on site (in the Priory Church.)

It’s mainly grass but it could get a bit muddy under foot in wet conditions.

It’s an active place of prayer and reflection, so please be respectful and quiet where others are around.

Please note dogs must be on leads in the monastic ruins but only assistance dogs are allowed inside the church.

It’s your turn.
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Archaeology findings at Binham Priory Binham Priory Binham Priory Binham Priory - inside Priory Church