Only a few miles from Norwich City centre, the University of East Anglia is set against a green canvas of trees and meadows, and at the centre of this scene is the UEA Lake, which is also known as University Broad. It’s a popular place for families and dog-owners to take a stroll, and joggers find the lake a good location for some exercise.

There are several different routes you can approach the lake from. We walk this area quite regularly so photos may from different walks (hence blue skies and greyer skies side by side!). This particular walk goes from the car park on Colney Lane, not far from the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. There is limited parking spaces here (30) and often quite busy. If you can walk the extra distance to this point then its a good idea.

UEA lake walk -route

UEA lake walk

  • Location: University of East Anglia, which is located between Cringleford, Colney and Earlham, Norwich. Norfolk
  • Approx distance from Norwich:- 4 miles (by road)
  • Walk distance :- approx 1.5 miles


Parent’s view
The kids like to feed the ducks on the lake, so we came prepared with a few slices of Hovis ready to distribute to the hungry critters. There weren’t many to be found on this occasion but that is not normally the case.
Ambling around the lake is certainly an enjoyable walk, and at 1.5 miles it is a mild workout.
Many people choose to walk their dogs around the lake, so it was nice for my 3 year old to say “hi” to some of the friendlier dogs (even though they had been for a swim in the lake and were filthy!)
Fishermen enjoy coming to the UEA lake too, and there are many designated platforms around the lake for anglers, but it will be permit holders only who are allowed to do so.

UEA lake walk

University Broad UEA Norwich

UEA walk wooden bridge

  • Lake (swimming is not permiitted)
  • Walking
  • Duck feeding
  • Fishing (permit required from UEASAAC)

Nearby facilities

  • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (art collection and coffee shop)
  • UEA (bar, shop, cafe, LCR venue)
  • Sports Park (including squash, 5-a-side football, athletics, swimming, climbing, gym, karate, badminton)

UEA lake walk

An Alternative Version

To mix things up we will sometimes start the walk off near Cringleford bridge. There is minimal parking here so we recommend walking to Cringleford Bridge first. If you would like to see some photos of a walk along thi stretch of the River Yare then take a look at our article aboout this short walk from Cringleford Bridge.


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