Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Built in 1736 Thrigby Hall provides an eloquent backdrop for Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, which have been open since 1979. Spend a few hours getting close to leopards, tigers, monkeys, crocodiles (don’t get too close!), red pandas, otters and more. It’s a very nice place for a family day out.

To get to Thrigby Hall you drive through some of Norfolk’s beautiful countryside, passing the lovely Bridge Inn next to the River Bure, past the village of Burgh St Margaret/Fleggburgh, go alongside Filby Broad and through floral Filby before turning off towards Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens. If you’re looking for it on a map, it’s near to Great Yarmouth.

Thrigby- Amur leopard

Kid’s View
3 year old:- I loved seeing the leopards and all the other animals. Can we go again soon?
Parent’s View
My kids (especially my 3 year old) love animals, so when asked where they want to go tey often ask to go to a zoo. Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens is a bit different to a typical zoo. The hall and its grounds offer a wonderful backdrop, and this seemed to make it more pleasant to stroll around viewing the animals. We find it’s a good idea to let the kids burn off a bit of energy first, so we head to the outdoor play area first, which leads us off to the animals located to the right of the entrance.
My favourite animals at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens are the Red Pandas – I could spend ages watching these cute little fellas. Of course the Tigers and the Leopards are a must see too.

Thrigby - mandarin duck

Field Notes
At the time of writing (October 2011) Thrigby Hall’s cafe did not take card, and has not done so on previous visits either. This seems odd as you can pay by card to enter and at the shop too (Amex as well, yippee!) but not at the cafe. But not to worry, if you go along to the shop you can get cash back on debit cards. Phew!
Also, don’t get your camera out in the Swamp House – it is really hot in there so your lense will steam up. And your spectacles will too!

Duration of stay
We stayed for 3-4 hours, including eating lunch.

Thrigby Hall -Terrapin

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