Terms and Conditions

This website is intended as an information directory and a reviews of places appearing within the directory. The listings and information contained in the website are intended for general use. No warranty is provided that the information is accurate or correct. NorfolkPlaces assumes no responsibility, whether implied by law or otherwise, for the information provided and disclaims all liability with respect to such information. The existence of listings, reviews and any advertising on this website does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality, value or suitability of the products or services so listed or advertised.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions govern your use of the NorfolkPlaces website and services. We may amend or add to these terms and conditions without notice to you, so please check them periodically.

2. Registration
When you register with us you are stating that you are over 18 years of age. You agree that any information you provide to us about yourself upon registration or at any other time will be true, accurate and complete.

You must keep the password that you use to access NorfolkPlaces confidential and must not disclose it to or share it with anyone. You will be responsible for all activities that occur under your account.

3. Privacy
We ask for your email address when you register and you will get an email from NorfolkPlaces to confirm your registration. After that, we may from time to time send one-off offers, promotions and newsletters that we feel you may be interested in. We will not pass on your personal information to third parties. We recognise the requirement to keep that personal information confidential.  Should you ever wish to be removed from our database, simply contact us and we will be happy to fulfil your request.

4. NorfolkPlaces Newsletters
By registering you will agree to receive a NorfolkPlaces newsletter by email. If you do not wish to receive these newsletters you may un-subscribe from the mailing list after you receive the first email.

5. Submission of Listings, Reviews, Articles & Comments
By adding a listing, comment or submitting an to the site, you agree to comply with the following terms:

(a) NorfolkPlaces reserves the right in its absolute discretion at any time to edit, alter, delete or move any material, such as reviews, comments or articles added by NorfolkPlaces and you. Content may be edited for various reasons including accuracy, style (e.g. titles should not be ALL CAPS – see listing guide) and tone. NorfolkPlaces will not enter into any discussions about its decision to edit, alter, delete or move such material.

(b) NorfolkPlaces reserves the right to share material, such as the content of reviews and comments with other organisations who may also publish the material.

(c) NorfolkPlaces reserves the right to email you from time to time if you have indicated that you are the owner of the business, group or event.

6. Business Listings
You may use NorfolkPlaces to add, amend and/or update a Business Listing (User content), solely on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

6.1 All User Content must:
(a) be complete, factual and accurate;
(b) be supplied in the manner and format specified;
(c) not be of a nature likely to bring NorfolkPlaces into disrepute; and
(d) comply with all laws, regulations, standards and relevant industry codes.

We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided on NorfolkPlaces.

6.2 You must not:
(a) use NorfolkPlaces to add or amend a Business Listing where You do not have the express authorisation of that business to do so;
(b) upload, post, transmit, publish or otherwise make available any Accessible Content that You do not have a right to make available under any law, regulation, rule or code or under contractual or other legal relationships;
(c) upload, post, transmit, publish or otherwise make available any false, misleading, inappropriate, libellous, profane, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, pornographic, indecent or unlawful Accessible Content;
(d) infringe the intellectual property rights of others; or
(e) breach a law including, without limitation, any law that restricts advertising of a profession;
(f) submit any User Content protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, or other intellectual property, personal, contractual, proprietary or other right owned by a third party without the express permission of the owner of the respective right. You are solely liable for any damage resulting from your failure to obtain such permission or from any other harm resulting from User Content that you submit.
(g) submit multiple listings for the same business, even if the listings cover different aspects of your business.

6.3 If any of the information in the Business Listing for Your business changes, becomes out of date, or no longer complies with this Agreement, You must:
(a) immediately amend Your Business Listing so that it complies with this Agreement; and/or
(b) immediately notify NorfolkPlaces

6.4 NorfolkPlaces has the right to edit, alter, delete, move or share any material, such as listings or comments (User Content). By submitting User Content to us, you automatically grant to us:
(a) a worldwide, fully-paid, royalty-free, non-exclusive, fully sub-licensable, and transferable right and license to use, reproduce and distribute the User Content (in whole or in part) as NorfolkPlaces in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. We may exercise this grant in any format, media or technology now known or later developed for the full term of any copyright that may exist in such User Content.
(b) Subject to the rights and license under these Terms of Use, you retain all your right, title and interest in your User Content submissions.  This means that copyright in your User Content will remain with you and that you can continue to use the material in any way, including allowing others to use it.

6.5 You acknowledge and agree that by posting User Content onto NorfolkPlaces, if you have indicated that you are the owner of the business, group or event, You consent to being contacted (on an ongoing basis) via any of the contact details contained in that User Content, including (without limitation) where such contact involves receiving information about products or services which we think may interest You from NorfolkPlaces or any authorised third party.

6.6 We reserve the right to display advertisements in connection with your User Content and to use your User Content for advertising and promotional purposes.

6.7 We will remove listings or/and the associated user account if the information contained in the listing promotes the products or services of a business/website that is either:
(a) deemed by NorfolkPlaces as not relevant to our listing categories
(b) not within the required geographical area
(c) a competitor listings website
(d) considered (by NorfolkPlaces) to be a duplicate of an existing listing
(e) considered to be something that be included in another listing
The reasons for removal are not limited to the above list.

6.8 Event listings relate to one event that can be on one day or recurring days within a 365 day period (from the date the listing was created). The following will be considered as misuse of this listing type and contravening the terms of the NorfolkPlaces website and may result your listing and account being removed:-

(a) Altering an event listing after an event to changing the listing to another event

(b). Using event listings for any other type of listing (including place/venue, service, product, or club/class)

6.9 If your listing or/and account is removed you will not be notified of this and we will not enter in to any communication. No refund will be given for paid listings that contravene our terms and conditions.

7. Paid Listing Packages

Paid Listing Packages are sold as upgraded business listings and may include additional benefits/services. Paid Listing Packages have an annual renewal date. NorfolkPlaces reserve the right to change the scope of our packages and additional benefits/services without notification or consent. Changes to a package will occur across the board to all listings on a package and therefore such changes may occur mid-term and will not wait until the business listing’s renewal date.

8. Advert booking and pricing conditions

Some of the listings and advertising slots on NorfolkPlaces incur a charge. Prices and terms of payments are clearly disclosed prior to booking. Please take care when booking your listings/adverts as they are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel/delete your advert at any time before the renewal date you accept there will not be any partial refund for any remaining days.

Payment in advance fees

All listing packages and adverts are paid for at time of booking unless a trial period has been offered as part of the submission process.

Late Payment

If payment is not received at the time of booking we will invoice you for payment.  If any invoiced amount is not received by NorfolkPlaces within 14 days of the invoice date, then without limiting our rights, the following will be applicable:

  • Those charges may accrue late interest @ 5% of the outstanding balance per week.
  • We may place conditions on future contract renewals/service renewals or suspend our services to you until such amount is paid in full.

We reserve the right to charge a reasonable debt recovery fee to recover outstanding payment.

Price changes

Listing package prices may change. If the price of a package has changed this will apply straight away for new listings and from renewal for existing listings. Recurring listings may not be affected by changes to price, therefore if a price of a package rises or falls, you will continue to pay the contracted price unless notified otherwise. .


NorfolkPlaces reserves the right to cancel any listing/ad bookings that it feels are not appropriate for the site or are in conflict with any services the site offers. No refund will be given for adverts that contravene our terms and conditions. You can choose to cancel your listing at any time. There will not be a refund for any remaining period of time.


We reserve the right to set up recurring payments for defined or unlimited periods of time. If the price of a package changes then in the event of an unlimited recurring payment we reserve the right to cancel the subscription with effect from the next renewal and you will be invited to renew your listing based on our new prices.

If a listing is offered with a contracted subscription period (e.g. a 5 year term) the recurring subscription price will be honoured for the term of the subscription unless you opt to cancel the subscription or if we are unable to collect the subscription payment via PayPal. We reserve the right to cancel subscription during the term of a subscription.

If a subscription is offered for a term period, prior to the completion of the subscription term we will send an automated reminder to invite you to renew based on the listing packages and listing prices available at that time.

If your listing is paid for by a recurring subscription it is your responsibility to ensure you have the means to pay current and future renewal fees.

If you wish to cancel a subscription it is your responsibility to do this via the payment provider (in most cases this will be PayPal). If you choose to cancel your listing subscription the next renewal subscription payment will not be collected. There will not be a refund for any remaining period of time of a subscription. When subscriptions have been cancelled we send an automated reminder prior to the renewal date of your listing to invite you to renew based on the listing packages and listing prices available at that time. 

9. Intellectual Property
All copyright, trade marks (registered or unregistered) and other intellectual property rights of whatsoever nature arising from all materials, content and information on this site, including the site’s design, layout and organisation, are owned or licensed by NorfolkPlaces.

Except where stated, none of the material may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted, or transmitted in any form by any means, including but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of NorfolkPlaces.
Permission is granted to access, download, or print such material for your personal, non-commercial use only and is subject to these terms and conditions.

By submitting content to NorfolkPlaces, including your name, you grant NoroflkPlaces a right to use, reproduce, modify, and publish this material on NorfolkPlaces website and in other works. You also permit any member to access, display, view, store and reproduce such content for personal use.

10. Third Party Web Sites, Goods and Services
NorfolkPlaces provides links to third party web sites. We make no representations as to the quality, suitability, functionality or legality of any sites to which we may provide links, or any goods or services available from such sites.

All matters concerning any goods and services that you purchase from a third party site, including without limitation all contract terms are solely between you and the owner of that site and NorfolkPlaces will not be liable for any costs or damages to you or any third party arising directly or indirectly out of any third party website. You hereby waive any claim you might have against NorfolkPlaces with respect to any such sites.

11. Third Party Applications, including API’s.

The following refers to our use of API’s on social platforms to provide applications to enhance your use of NorfolkPlaces.

Import from Facebook (note, this feature was withdrawn in 2020)

As part of the submission of new events for inclusion on NorfolkPlaces we provide an option to import your event from a Facebook event. This reduces the time to input an event. The tool uses Facebook’s API to gather the information from your Facebook event to partially populate your event listing submission form on NorfolkPlaces. NorfolkPlaces also use this API to post events, listings and articles from our website to the NorfolkPlaces Facebook page.

Social Login

NorfolkPlaces provide the ability to login to our website using your Facebook, Twitter or G+ account. You can choose to link this to an existing NorfolkPlaces login. If you do not have an existing NorfolkPlaces login you will need to provide your email address. Your social media account name or email address will then be used when you wish to login to the NorfolkPlaces website.

12. Disclaimer of Warranties
NorfolkPlaces is providing this site on an ‘as is’ basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this site or its contents and disclaims all such representations and warranties..

The content on the site and forum has been included in good faith. The Content may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Whilst NorfolkPlaces endeavours to ensure that the information on this site is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and NorfolkPlaces does not accept any liability for error or omission.

You are responsible for checking the accuracy of relevant facts and opinions given on the site before entering into any commitment or taking any other form of action or inaction based upon them.

NorfolkPlaces does not represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of postings submitted by users , moderators and parent supporters on the forum, or endorse any opinions expressed by users, moderators or parent supporters.

All conditions, warranties, terms and undertakings express or implied statutory or otherwise in respect of the provision of the Content and the Site are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

13. Limitation of Liability
Neither NorfolkPlaces nor any of its shareholders, directors, employees or other representatives will be liable for loss or damage arising out of or in connection with your use of this site or any information contained in it. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties.

You agree to indemnify and hold NorfolkPlaces and its directors, employees and agents harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising from your use of the Site.

14. Breach of these Terms
NorfolkPlaces will be entitled to restrict, suspend or terminate your membership or deny you access to NorfolkPlaces or take such other action as NorfolkPlaces deems appropriate if NorfolkPlaces determines, in its sole discretion, that you are in breach any of the Terms and Conditions or that your use of NorfolkPlaces website is inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable.

The restriction, suspension or termination of our service pursuant to this section will be without prejudice to any rights which NorfolkPlaces may have against you in respect of your breach of these Terms and Conditions.

NorfolkPlaces shall be entitled to disclose your user identity and details if required or requested by the courts or other law enforcement authorities and/or agencies or in such other circumstances as NorfolkPlaces in its sole discretion considers reasonably necessary or appropriate.

14. Indemnification
You agree to indemnify and hold each of NorfolkPlaces, its directors, sponsors, representatives, employees and contractors, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable solicitors fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of NorfolkPlaces website, the violation of these Terms and Conditions by you, or the infringement by you, or any other subscriber of your account, or of any intellectual property or other right of any other person or entity.

15. Applicable Law
Your use of this website, these terms and conditions and any matters arising are subject to the laws of England and Wales and any dispute is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

16. Privacy and Cookies
Click here to read our privacy policy which includes our use of cookies.

17. Miscellaneous
Any failure or delay by us to enforce strict performance by you of any of the Terms and Conditions or to exercise any right under the Terms and Conditions will not be construed as a waiver to any extent of our rights.

These Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy constitute the entire understanding between you and us as to your use of NorfolkPlaces website and supersede all prior agreements and understandings between us and you.