Tell me about the farm Grandad, A 1960s Norfolk childhood by Janet Collingsworth

Tell me about the farm Grandad, A 1960s Norfolk childhood is a new memoir by Aylsham resident, Janet Collingsworth. The book was published by Norwich-based Paul Dickson Books, price £11, on Tuesday, October 5.

Born in the late 1950s, Janet grew up in Norwich with her Mum and Dad and younger sister Wendy. In her delightful memoir enjoy the happy times spent with Grandparents in Corpusty exploring the village, learning about the natural world, popping into the village shops and post office, meeting village characters and a whole array of Great Aunts and Uncles, who were always good for half-a-crown or a bag of sweets.

There are summer holiday adventures the length and breadth of Great Britain, days out to Yarmouth, picnics in Chapelfield Gardens, rounded off with chocolate misshapes from Caley Mackintosh, plus a memorable school trip to Belgium and the mysteries of the 11 Plus.

Explore a gentler era, with traditional family gatherings for birthdays, Bonfire Night and Christmas, when Harold Wilson’s ‘white heat of technology’ was yet to arrive in Norfolk.

“I never intended to write a book. It began as a short story, but I soon realised that I had so much material and that my Grandparent’s and Mum and Dad’s stories would be lost if I didn’t write more. It flowed from there. I can’t quite believe that the book has been published. It is very exciting to see my memoirs in print.” Janet Collingsworth.

“This book is a fascinating insight into our childhood, evoking memories of events I had completely forgotten. It is a joy to read, in fact I couldn’t put it down. How the world has changed since the times we enjoyed such simple pleasures.” Wendy Reynolds – Janet’s sister.

Tell me about the farm Grandad  is on sale at Jarrold Norwich, Jarrold Cromer, Not Just Books Thetford, Revelation Christian Bookshop Norwich, Waterstones Norwich and Amazon.

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