On arriving at the car park we noticed the puddles had frozen over – was this a sign that Father Christmas was in Wroxham? We’d soon find out because we were going on a “Santa Cruise” with Broads Tours. So, we climbed on board the Vintage Broadsman, a double-decker paddle boat, and found a table to sit at while we waited for Santa’s Pixies to serve festive snacks.

Santa Cruise - Xmas tree
Parent’s View

The kids enjoyed had a good time. They didn’t notice the ”Pixies” had Norfolk accents and were larger than the ones they see in the movies!  The little one was shivering even though he had his coat on inside. He says it was because he was concerned that Santa/Father Christmas wasnt’ there but I’m not sure as there was a bit of chill. So, although you’re on inside a boat make sure you wrap up warm – you can always remove layers!  So, the kids enjoyed it, and vicariously we enjoyed it too. On the downside I think the adult price should be less because the kids get a present yet the price is the same.

Kid’s view

7 year old’s view:- I swapped my cookie for Dad’s mince pie because I like mince pies and Dad says they’re yucky! It was weird being on a boat to see Santa, but I was the first to spot the signs that he was coming and I think I saw that he’d dropped a present in the water. That was funny!

4 year old’s view:- I was shaking because the Pixies said Father Christmas wasn’t on board the boat but then I heard him land on top and I got happy.  I got a Fire Engine – it goes neenawneenawneenaw.

Santa Cruise - kids drawing

Field notes

Aim to get there about 20-30 mins early if you want to be near the front of the queue to get a good seat.

Wrap up warm! Although you’re sat inside, it can start off a little chilly. Once the big man arrives it gets warmer because people are moving around the boat.

The car park is pay and display, so make sure you have plenty of coins with you. At the time of writing the fee gave you 2 hours parking, which was plenty of time for the trip.

you can’t visit Wroxham without going to Roys of Wroxham!

Duration of visit: 1 hour cruise