The Royal Norfolk Show, the annual agricultural show held by the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association at the Norfolk Showground in Easton,is attended by approx 90,000 every year and is the largest 2 day agricultural show in England.

I have a bit of a confession. I haven’t been since I was 9 or 10 years old. Okay, I’ve sent the NorfolkPlaces team regularly attend and my family go pretty much every year. Being the boss I just haven’t given myself time off to attend. So, my last memories of the show are a bit hazy – it was a school trip in the early 1980’s. Days off for school trips to the show was pretty much a birth-right up until recently. It’s a shame because kids do miss out on a great educational experience. So, is it still just cattle and tractors? No way, mate. The show has moved on a lot since the 1980s!

Often when we go out for a day out I’m still effectively working. But we wanted this to be proper family time. I know my family enjoy the Norfolk Show a lot so I wanted to too, free of work distractions (except perhaps maybe send an occasional tweet). So, having been persuaded to take a day off work I decided not to take my camera, no flyers, no prepared sales pitches or anything work related. Okay, just a few business cards in case I got chatting. 🙂

However, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures on my phone. On the plus side I didn’t take the usual 1000+ photos I would take on a day out, but the quality is never as good as using a decent camera.

I really enjoyed my first visit to the show in over 30 years, though I was cream-crackered by about 2pm because there’s a lot of walking involved whilst visiting the various stalls. It was really hot and sunny too, so I’m really glad I opted for some shorts (apologies to all who glimpsed my pasty legs!).

Here’s a selection of pictures taken on our wanderings around the showground.


The Broads at Norfolk show

Above and below, a couple of pictures from The Broads area. Just before this section we’d spent a fair bit of time in the emergency services area – My Ben is obsessed with Police Interceptors on the telly so was asking the officers loads of questions. I expect if my car speedometer creeps over the limit he’ll be issuing a citizens’ arrest!

broads sailing at norfolk show

NWT show us the importance of gardens for wildlife.

NWT at Norfolk Show

Doggy steals the show with an impressive course of jumps, tunnels and more!

dog course at Norfolk Show

Sugar….that’s high. Nope, I did not ride this, instead taking pleasure in the screams of those who did!

Funfair ride at Norfolk show

Get active, Norfolk! Loads of fun sporty stuff in the sports zone, including footy, tennis, ahtletics and zumba.

Active Norfolk at Norfolk Show

Who is that cheeky cap? Here we are at the Holkham stand.

Holkham at Norfolk Show

Clash of the dinosaurs! T-Rex meets our good friend Dippy from Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure.

Dinosaurs meet at Norfolk Show

Some serious agricultural machinery! Wheelbarrows included for scale!

Mean machines at Norfolk Show

A military marching band performing in the main ring.

Military band at Norfolk Show

We have to finish on the RAF Falcons – quite rightly a highlight of the show. Hope you can see them on these pictures – they’re pretty high up!

RAF Falcons at Norfolk Show