Actively Saving Species.

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT) is a charitable trust that works closely with Pensthorpe Natural Park to showcase to visitors of the multi-award winning attraction the importance of species and habitat conservation. Pensthorpe Natural Park is a haven for many species of birds, mammals, invertebrates and plants. The diverse range of priority habitats together create a stunning rich landscape which Pensthorpe Conservation Trust manages for wildlife. The Trust works predominantly with wetland and farmland species with a focus on cranes, turtle doves, corncrakes and several species of waders. Many species that the Trust works with are globally endangered such as Baer’s Pochard, Grey-crowned Crane, Laysan Teal, Red-breasted Goose, Scaly-sided Merganser and Northern Bald Ibis. Other species are losing their natural habitat at an unsustainable rate, particularly wetland habitats, showcasing both the endangered species and their associated habitat is a vital part of the work that the Trust undertakes.

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust - Corncrake-small

The PCT works with partner organisations in national conservation programmes to conserve wetland and farmland bird species. These partnerships include Operation Turtle Dove, the Great Crane Project as well as a Corncrake and Red Squirrel Re-introduction project. Additionally, Pensthorpe Natural Park is a site of habitat restoration work on the River Wensum; a Constant Effort Site for ringing bids and has four SSSI’s.

Nature conservation is important to all of us; we depend on pollinators for food and a healthy water system for water. Conserving and restoring our diverse countryside is vital to ensure it can continue to support the myriad of plant and animal species that make up our biodiverse natural landscape. At Pensthorpe Natural Park, our respect for the natural landscape is matched only by our dedication to tell nature’s story; our work from earth to emissions has one key purpose which is to benefit nature, something we can all be a part of.

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