Oasis Camel Park review

Sometimes it’s hard to choose where to go on a family outing. “Been there”, “done that”, “got ketchup on the t-shirt” – kids aren’t easy to please. Sometimes you surprise yourself with an inspirational choice that goes down a storm and you can bask in the reflected glory; At least until the next time you have to pick the family outing.

Indeed our trip to the Oasis Camel Park  (a few miles from the Norfolk/Suffolk border) was a successful one. We expected to see Dromedary and Bactrian Camels but it was great to see that the Oasis Camel Park also had some of their relations (Llamas, Alpacas and Guancos) too. The Camelidae family is the main theme of the Oasis Camel Park but there are plenty more animals to see, and things to do too.

Here’s our thoughts on our visit along with a few pictures to give you an idea of what the place has and to help you plan your visit.


Parent review

We visited without really having much of an idea what to expect. Camels, yes, obviously, but beyond that we didn’t know. So it was a really pleasant surprise to find there was a good array of animals to see, and some good areas for the kids to play. The boys had a great time and burnt off plenty of energy in the maze and play areas, meaning they were fine to saunter around the animals in-between playing.

My favourite bit was the meet the camel session; I was surprised how patient the camel was as the keeper talked and then kids (and big kids!) went up to have their picture taken.


Kids review

Luke (12) – “How much sugar does a camel have in a cuppa tea?” (I dunno) “It depends on the type of camel. One hump or two!” I’ve just made that up (What can I say, he’s got my funny bones!) – Can you write it down? (Done.)   Sooooo, The Oasis Camel Park, eh? Yeah, that was good fun. There was a lot more to see and do than I thought, so that was good. I was expecting just camels!

Ben (8) – I really liked the maze as you can escape under the ropes if you get stuck. The animals were really cool. More camels than you can shake a stick at (not a good idea, I don’t think they’d like that.) Pretty sure Dad cheated at the golf (nah, never!). My favourite was the Camels, and the Alpacas and maybe the wallabies. Oh and the Rheas too.


Duration of Stay

We were there about 3 hours or so, including getting some lunch.

Field Notes

An insect repellent is always a good idea around animals.

The golf perhaps needs a bit of tlc, but if you ignore the bumpy concrete courses it’s still good fun.


Ride the Land Train


Play area for the little ones


Escape from the maze if you can, boys!

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