NorfolkPlaces Launches Advent Calendar!

Festive Tradition Goes On-Line

We’ve combined two of our favourite things – opening stuff and clicking on buttons – to launch our own NorfolkPlaces Advent Calendar so that we can all count down to the big family gathering (Christmas, Krismas, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Mithra, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Newtonmas, Hannukah, Holiday or something else!) together.


Advent calendars vary in length. Growing up on the 1980s we had a 24 day advent (without the chocolates!) and nowadays many seem to be 25 days (with the chocolates!) – I’ve even seen people stretch it to the whole month of December! This is all a far cry from the 12 days from the Pagan festival of Yule, but for traditions change. The the sake of familiarity our calendar is 24 days. I know some people expect something on the 25th too, but we’ll be too busy preparing then tucking in to Christmas dinner!



Simply hover or click on the day number to open the window. Yes, other windows open, but there won’t be any secret content until that day arrives.

Below: Our Day One 😁🎅 

NorfolkPlaces Advent Calendar



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