As if the boys didn’t get enough cholocate and misshapen-animal confectionery for Easter, my arm got twisted to go on an Easter Egg Hunt. Ok, they know it doesn’t take much to twist my arm; The promise of roaming the grounds of one of Norfolk’s fine stately homes with the opportunity to snap some piccies is always a winner in my book. And if the boys decide they’ve eaten too much chocolate, well…. I’m only too happy to help!

In essence this article was going to be  more of a photo account really as we’ll be back to Felbrigg for a more detailed review in the future.

Okay, maybe I can spin a bit of narrative together too. A bit different than the normal? If you’ve ever read our reviews you’ll know we occasionally tell a bit of a story too. On this occasion I’ve gone full Rudyard Kipling for you. Kind of.  Firstly, like all good stories, we need a strong start, a middle that guides you through the story and a quite definitive end. Tick, tick and tick!

We were on the hunt. For what? We did not know, so we needed a sign and with good fortune we found one.  Start This Way was the instruction and some curious purple paws imprinted in the grass. Should we go through the gate? Urged on by the sweet-toothed amongst us we cautiously crossed the threshold. The hunt was on.

Felbrigg Hall - trail starts here!

The sound of gravel under foot echoed around us. Febrigg Hall loomed in to view. An impressive stately residence, perhaps inside it heralded more clues to the mysterious creature that left purple footprints (the Easter Bunny?).

But that was a story for another day, because we were hot on the trail of the confectionery prize. The purple-footed creature had left clues to their treasure all around the grounds. We needed the best code-cracking minds to fathom these fiendish conundrums.  Unfortunately Bletchley Park was out of action so we resorted to our own intellect. That was soon exhausted, so the services of the portable mystic Goo Gol was employed, but to no avail. Luck was on our side as other more worldly code-crackers were nearby and an information-share meant we were back on the trail.

However, other powers were helping the purple beasty to delay us reaching our goal.

“Look at these beautiful flowers, everywhere,” I called to the boys as they raced off to find another clue. I stooped low, camera in hand and zoomed in for a snap. “Gotcha!” I yelled, pleased with firing off a shot that ricocheted across the leaves of some low-lying bedding plants.

Felbrigg Hall -plants

I knew I was being thrown off the scent but it felt great! The country air swept around us, rolling in off the open fields that carpeted our surroundings. It was cool, overcast, with just a hint of rain hanging in the air. I moved on from plant bed to plant bed, searching with my lense; Finger twitching on the trigger, waiting for the moment to capture…..

“Hang On. What is that?”

I was in shock; It appeared that the purple monster had somehow shrunken Felbrigg Hall and stored it inside an orangery.

Felbrigg Hall model in the Orangery

“It’s just a model, Dad” Agent L chastised.

For a moment I thought I was someone else. Someone ordinary. Pah! A purple mist descended and I knew we had to crack this case quickly.

And yet I was entranced by the beauty of the gardens once more. Mesmerised by the patterns of these pink petals I could not focus on the goal.

Even the meticulous hunter Agent B stopped to study the information cunningly placed in clever locations to inform and…. distract!

“Agent B, get away. It’s a trap!” I yelled, sounding not unlike a Mon Calamari General.

“Huhh?” was all he could muster before a moment of clarity dawned. “Mum! Dad’s acting weird again. Ooh, I’ve spotted another clue.” 

And he was off, back on the trail. I hoped Agent B would focus on the task now so we could defeat the trail and taste the milk chocolatey victory.

Felbrigg Hall - a clue!

Hah, a fir cone. An easy one.  We were really rocking now. Or were we being lulled in to a false sense of security? Although Goo-Gol was chipping in with some helpful advice we relied on other agents in the field and now the answers were coming thick and fast. Not so fast that I couldn’t take a moment to interrogate some daffodils lurking by the side of the path.

“What have you done with the stolen plans?” My telescopic lens pushed close to their corona. Stigma twitched under the pressure of a gentle breeze.

Felbrigg Hall - daffodils

“We’ve done it!” Yelled Agent L running towards me clutching a sheet of clues.

Really? Was it over? Had we cracked all the clues? Was it the Easter Bunny after all? Would I get a piece of the boys’ chocolate?

“No,” I urged through gritted teeth.” The voice in my head said we needed a definitive end. That can’t be it. I was enjoying taking pictures of plants and other cool stuff, “ I argued, then as an after-thought, “but I am hungry.”

“Then how about that for a finish,” pointed Agent B, looking pretty pleased with himself.

Felbrigg Hall - the end

“Come on boys,” I said, placing an arm around their shoulders, “let’s go and claim our prize.”

“Our prize!” they chuckled, clutching their clue sheets close to their chest selfishly.

As we walked across the rain-sodden ground, thoughts of purple-foiled eggs crowded my mind. I glanced at Felbrigg Hall and for a moment I’m sure I saw a giant bunny peering through the window, mocking me with a salute.

“This ain’t over, bunny,” I muttered.

“Yes it is, Dad,” the boys said in unison. “It really is.”

They walked off as I clutched the empty foil wrappers they had surreptitiously placed in my hands. I smiled whimsically, and promised myself I would return and get the prize for myself.

The End

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