Lock-down Photo Fun

This lock-down situation is not great, but as the PM, the Queen and pretty much everyone with any nous has pointed out, it’s imperative that we adhere to it so that we can get through this pandemic together.

Here at NorfolkPlaces HQ we’re fortunate to have a bit of garden space to send the kids outside, and we’re grateful for this privilege. They’re both footy-mad so they already spend a lot of time out there, and after a couple of weeks they’ve been okay so far.

To be honest, the lock-down is probably affecting me the most. I work from home a lot, so I’m used to a degree of isolation; My peace has been shattered by the ever-present family! Turns out they’re not a bad bunch to share the daytime with, but I’d rather they were all at school/work so I didn’t have so many distractions! 🙂

Perhaps it is time for a bit of indoors fun. Erm, a distraction i suppose. I’ve put together a few fun-themed photos from around Norfolk (& just over the border in to Suffolk) that you could come up with captions for. Right now, I’m racking my brains trying to think of content for this article, and I can hear the kids in the background, like distant voices in my head. As I type it is nearly lunch-time in my house, so it’ll soon be like feeding time at the zoo! Speaking of which, the zoo seem like as a good a place as any to start this collection of photos.

1. The picture below was taken at Banham Zoo a few years ago and I’ve wanted to use it before for a caption competition but held back, thinking it might be a tad crude. Hey-ho, we are where we are and the need to raise a giggle right now is quite high. For clarity, the giraffe calf is sampling the (parent’s?) urine. Whilst it made me chuckle, I’m sure there’s a reason for this behaviour. If you know, feel free to add in the comments, or if you’ve got a caption (keep it reasonably clean please!) go for it!

2. & 3. The next two pictures were used in a caption competitions a while back. Seals at Horsey followed by one of our junior NP reviewers (not so junior any more – he’s taller than me now!) at BeWILDerwood at Easter a few years ago.

caption competition March 2017 - seals

2. The winning caption for the above seal picture was “How embarrassing. Has he gone yet?” – Perhaps “I can’t un-see that giraffe drinking wee!” – Can you do better?

BeWILDerwood - Easter
3. The winning caption for the above photo was “If I stare at this egg hard enough it might hatch!” – It’s a cracker. What’s your caption?

4. Here’s one of me! Yep, it might be nearly 7 years ago but I haven’t changed a bit. This was taken at Pensthorpe. I’ve never really thought about a caption for it before. How about, “So, sir, you say you were draining pasta when it went dark?”. Yeah, not great. I’m sure you can do better! (#bekind!)

Medieval day at Pensthorpe

5. Next up, here is one handsome looking llama, pictured at Oasis Camel Centre. He seems to taking a shine to that post. What’s he thinking?

llama chewing post oasis camel centre

6. The NP Junior Reviewers found the innards of this tree quite fascinating at Sheringham Park. “Dad said this tree is a wifi hotspot for my phone.”

The NP Junior Reviewers investigate a tree at Sheringham Park

7. Behind the scenes a Cyberman helps with running repairs at the Norwich Motor Show a few years ago. I wonder what Doctor Who would’ve made of this? How many times have these arch enemies of The Doctor joined up to take over the universe? Where’s The Master in all this? Can you think of a caption? Exterminate!

A Cyberman inspects a Dalek at Norwich Motor Show

8. Who know what is going through this Easter bunny’s mind at Somerleyton Hall. “Who’s daft idea was it to invent the toffee carrot?!” 

Bunny at Somerleyton

9. Pretty sure our youngest team member was thinking “How Do I control This Thing!” whilst playing in the children’s play area at High Lodge, below.

How Do I Control This Thing - at High Lodge Thetford

10. Finally, we’ll finish on a couple of meerkats, taken at Pettitts Animal Adventure Park. “What have you seen? Is it a bird, is it a plane?”  “Nope, it’s the keeper with our dinner!”

meerkats at Pettitts

Okay, that’ll do for now.  A few of the photos have been on previous articles but the majority haven’t seen the light of day. On fact as we traipsed through our archives we found a few more photos that lend themselves to being captioned, so we might add some more another time

Actually – there’s one more photo; the title photo of the nosy donkey. We’ll call it no.11.

Sorry, there are no prizes for the best caption – Just a bit of fun whilst we’re all cooped up indoors. Why not look through these photos with your family (better still, get family and friends who you can’t see at the moment) and see who can come up with the best funny caption to any of the above photos and add to the comments sections.


Where to next?

Find out about local charities in the community and how you can help

Find details for you Local Council – Good place to check for an update on CovId-19 in your area.

Plan your ideal break in Norfolk – Planning what you could do and where you could stay when the world gets back to normal can be a positive and uplifting activity.


  1. Photo No.11 – “Bet you can’t flare your nostrils as well as I can!”

  2. 1) Very good, waiter. I’ll take a bottle!
    2) If I can’t see them, they can’t see me.
    3) It might take him all day, but little timmy was determined not to drop the egg.
    4) I’m Luke Skywalker. I’m here to rescue you.
    5) Lenny the Llama would wait all day for the post to arrive.
    6) Are you sure this is the portal to Narnina?
    7) Sorry sir, your friend won’t be able to exterminate anyone today.
    8) Whilst waiting around for toys to run out of battery the Duracell bunny enjoys a healthy carrot.
    9) Woks going on here?
    10) In today’s shadow-puppetry lesson the meerkats were doing penguins.
    11) Of course you can trust me with your camera!

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