When hiring a bouncy castle you may find that there are many companies offering very similar bouncy castles at very different prices, so is there anything you should look out for apart from the difference in price? Absolutely!

All commercial bouncy castle and inflatable hire companies need to ensure that they comply with the BS EN 14960:2019 legislation which helps to ensure that users of bouncy castles and inflatables are as safe as they possibly can be. Part of the BS EN 14960:2019 regulation states that all bouncy castles and inflatable activities need to undergo an annual inspection every 12 months, to ensure that the inflatable is still suitable and safe for commercial use. Any reputable bouncy castle company will be able to produce these certificates if you ask them, so it is highly recommended that you choose a provider who is able to show you the annual inspection certificate for your chosen inflatable, as well as their public liability insurance. It is worth noting that without a valid annual inspection certificate that any public liability insurance would be void.


Another important aspect of the legislation is that bouncy castles should not be in use when winds & gusts exceed 24 mph. Responsible hirer’s will cancel outdoor bookings when it is not suitable, but it is worth asking the provider what their cancellation policy is well in advance to the date of your bouncy castle hire and specifically what their policy is, if the wind is either too high or if it is pouring with rain.

It is also worth checking out the reviews of your preferred hire company in advance to booking, just to see what the experiences of previous customers have been. Of course, testimonials and reviews shouldn’t be the be all and end all when deciding which company to hire with but by looking at their overall rating in comparison to other bouncy castle hire companies you should be able to get a good idea of who is reliable.

Bouncy Castles really are a great item for birthday parties, weddings and other events but it is important to ensure that the bouncy castle operator is reliable and has your guest’s safety in mind. For further information on Bouncy Castle Inspections please check out the Inflatable Testing page provided by Bounce Back Castles.