We’re putting together some quizzes and games about Norfolk.

We hope these will enhance your enjoyment on NorfolkPlaces and hopefully share some knowledge too.



We’re working on a few more and these will be ready soon.


Dinosaur Game

Game Description: The object of the game is for your T-Rex dinosaur to run as far as possible. Enemies and obstacles will try to block your path!
Start the game: To start a game on your computer click space bar or the “up” arrow key. On a mobile device tap the game to start.
Game play: Use the space bar or “up” arrow key on your keyboard to jump over them. The down key lets you crouch. On mobile, tap on the game area to jump.

Caption This

nosy donkey
If you like coming up with cpations for photos this post contains 11 photos well-suited to being captioned. Caption one or as many as you like. If you think you’ve got some good ones add them to the comments – jut a bit of fun!