Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden is set in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. 3 miles of paths weave through 130 acres of woodland garden and across a network of dykes that crisscross through the gardens.

It’s a really peaceful place to take a stroll with the family, relax and enjoy nature.

Fairhaven also has a private broad where you can enjoy a boat ride; A 50 minute trip down the river to the historic ruins of St. Benet’s Abbey or a shorter 20 minute ride around the broad.

Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden

Parent’s review

We’ve been to Fairhaven a few times before, but not for a few years and not with the intention of doing a review. So, when we were looking for somewhere to visit to do an Easter review Fairhaven was top of our list.

We visited on a crisp morning in late March; morning dew clung to the grass and a the sun was hiding behind a thin veil of cloud.  We had come prepared for a chilly stroll; wellies (with thick socks), gloves, scarfs, hats and several layers and thick coats. Having put all this on, it came off again quite quickly as we opted to eat at the cafe before setting off.

As it was Easter weekend there was an Easter trail for the kids to follow. Clutching our activity sheets we started along one of several trails, looking for dangling Easter egg cut-outs and trying to find close-up pictures of animals to guess what they are so the kids could win a chocolate egg.

The trail kept the kids occupied, and we let them ahead a little to find the trail clues but only where we could still see them and away from the dykes too. As with any waterway you must always make sure kids are safe and watched at all times.

These trails are great for getting the kids to look at nature without realising it, and for us it meant we could have a pleasant stroll along the walkways whilst they ran back and forth hunting for clues.

Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden

Field Notes

If it has rained recently then it’s worth bringing wellies with you.

As the name suggests, Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden has a lot of water – (broads and dykes) so keep an eye on little kids.

If you’re hoping to go for a boat ride check what time the trips are before you set off.

Boat trips run from April to the end of October.

Duration of visit: 3 hours

Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden - snowdrops