Existing Users Renewal Options

Thank you for your on-going support of NorfolkPlaces

We very much appreciate working with our customers and we hope to build and strengthen our working relationship. 

Central to everything we do is endeavouring to help our customers to the best of our capability. We recognise that during this challenging economic climate that everyone is having to reassess outgoings, and understandably marketing budgets will be under review.


We’ve looked at our model and come up with several options to help our customers during this time so that you can focus your attention and resources elsewhere and can continue to still be listed and promoted on NorfolkPlaces.


Enhanced Listing (Annual Renewal) Discount


We have decided to close the Enhanced Listing to new customers, however, existing Enhanced Listings customers will be able to renew their Enhanced with their current package this year. It’s hidden to new customers, so you won’t see the package to select but you will be able to renew your listing as normal. Enhanced Listings will continue to be treated the same as the replacement package (Standard Listing see below for more information.)

We would like to offer our loyal customers a 20% discount for the renewal of their Enhanced Listing. The current price is £25 per year, so the discount reduces the renewal cost to £20 this year.

The discount code to apply at renewal (at the checkout) is COV20D

We hope this helps Enhanced Listing owners during these difficult times, though we do encourage you to consider switching to the Standard Listing package, detailed below.


Standard Listing Subscription (free for a year!)


The Standard Listing package is almost exactly the same as the Enhanced Listing, but here’s the headline differences.

TIME-SAVER AUTO-SUBSCRIPTION – PayPal recurring annual subscription. (Requires authorisation during set-up. This sets up a subscription that will automatically collect payment at renewal)

20% DISCOUNT PRICE –  Price reduced to £20 (from £25 per year)

FUTURE PRICE FREEZE – Future renewal prices will be frozen @ £20 for businesses who take out our new subscription package (i.e. the price won’t increase)

EFFORTLESS RENEWAL – Automatically renews after the 12-month free period & then every year until you choose to cancel. No pesky email reminders from us! Recurring payment will be automatically collected from PayPal when your renewal is due & you don’t need to do anything!

CANCEL ANY TIME – Simply cancel on your PayPal account whenever you want. Your listing won’t auto-renew & renewal payment won’t be taken.

By making the renewal process easier with auto-renewals at a reduced frozen price for future renewals we believe this is a fantastic offer for our current customers to take up.

Existing Customer can change to the new Standard Listing at renewal by simply selecting the new package when renewing their listing. We encourage existing owners to do this as it will allow them to take advantage of the 12-months free Standard Listing and makes renewals easier too.


Platinum Listing (Annual Renewal) Discount


The Platinum Listing package is an annual renewal package and has several payment options (pay by PayPal, card or bank transfer). It requires manual renewal processing as we know some of our platinum listing owners prefer to handle their listing in this way.

To help with the current economic situation, we would like to offer our loyal existing listing owners a discount of 20% discount off the cost of renewal, which will bring the cost of renewal down from £55 to £44 this year.

The discount code to apply at renewal (at the checkout) is COV20D

We hope this helps Platinum Listing owners during these difficult times.


Next Steps

A few days before renewal you will receive a renewal reminder email. When you receive this login and follow these steps. Please process the renewal before the expiry date (any remaining days are carried over).

  • Go to your account profile page (click “My Account” top right)
  • The profile page is defaulted to Place Listings, so if you don’t see your listing on your profile page you will need to select one of the tabs (Local Products etc) to change the view
  • Select the listing to be renewed
  • Click the “renew” option (in the right column) and you will be directed your listing
  • On your listing…
    • If you are staying with current package, update your listing details
    • If you are changing package, select your new package (note, the page will reload but all your details will be retained) then update your details
  • Once you have updated your details click “submit listing”
  • At the checkout…
    • Enhanced Listing
      • Check/input your billing details
      • input and apply the discount code COV20D
      • choose payment method
      • Click the payment button (this will say proceed to PayPal for payment by PayPal or by card)
    • Standard Listing
      • Check/input your billing details
      • The purchase item should read “Recurring Payment £20 for each year” and amount to pay is £20
      • Click “Proceed to PayPal” to set up future recurring payment (without this the listing won’t be set up)
    • Platinum  Listing
      • Check/input your billing details
      • Input and apply the discount code COV20D 
      • choose payment method
      • Click the payment button (this will say proceed to PayPal for payment by PayPal or by card)

We hope the options we have put forward for renewal will help your business in the current economic climate. Please do contact us if you have any feedback on how we can improve or help you further, or if you have any queries about renewal.


P.S. If you could link to NorfolkPlaces on your website it will help us to promote Norfolk and the surrounding area. We’re happy for you to use our logo or just a text link. You’ll find more information about linking to us here.