Living in Norwich its great some good walks on our doorstep, such as the popular walk around UEA Broad.

We’ve covered walking around the University Broad (aka UEA Lake) in a previous article a few years ago, so we’re not going to go over the same ground again. Instead, in this article we’re covering the short walk from Cringleford Bridge to the University Broad, which is about 0.9 miles each way.


The bridge dates back to 1520 and is still a busy connection in Norwich’s outskirts. Access to the riverside walk is on the Eaton side of the bridge (as you approach the bridge from Eaton there is a crossing point just before the bridge.)


On the other side of the River Yare is Cringleford Mill House, which is a private residence, hence no photo of it. It’s a big property but it used to be even bigger as it has a large mill attached, which was destroyed in a fire in 1916. The photo below is of a feature that has always fascinated me. I’m going to call it a sluice gate, but to be honest I’m not sure of the correct terminology.

Cringleford mill sluice gateway

Moving away from the bridge and the mill house, we have to go under the A11 underpass to continue on our walk alongside the River Yare and towards the UEA Broad. Underpasses are not the prettiest things in the world, and often vandalised by graffiti artists. At least on this occasion the person who did it used bold colours, but it would’ve been better if it was tad more artistic than just a pineapple  (sorry, not really wanting to encourage or give tips to a graffiti artist!)

Cringelford A11 underpass graffiti

Beauty is all around, and often just at your feet, thanks to nature. Is it odd to say I appreciate a nice bit of moss?!

Cringleford walk-moss

Not sure quite how to describe this one below really. I’ll just leave it here…

Cringleford to UEA walk - small stream water feature

ringleford walk- swan

Swans and ducks and other waterfowl enjoy this part of the river. As soon as we stopped to look this swan steamed over to take a gander (pun not intended) at us. The ducks decided to follow the swan, and then another swan turned up too.

Swans and ducks

Further round the corner the river gets a bit quieter, more tranquil. To see it so still with the trees and the river banks reflecting in the motionless river is breathtaking. There are a couple of benches to stop and enjoy the scenery here, and I recommend you do because it can be quite lovely, as I hope the pictures below show.

River Yare Cringleford

River Yare Cringleford

From this point on the walk along the River Yare it’s another 1/4 of a mile before you reach the University Broad.

As mentioned at the start of the article, the walk from Cringleford bridge to the UEA Broad is approximately 0.9 miles, so you could do a pleasant 1.8 miles there and back, or extend your walk to traverse around the broad (also referred to as UEA Lake.) If you want to see a bit more about walking around UEA Broad then take a look at this article.


Field Notes

FACILITIES – There are specific facilities for this walk, though there are some parking spaces at Cringleford Bridge.

DOGS – On a lead at all times.

SAFETY – There is some uneven ground, roots in footpaths, and water hazards.

WHEELCHAIRS – Access to the walk is from the small car park at the bridge, which is down a short steep slope. Apart from that the walk in general is flat. However, as mentioned above, there is uneven ground and (when it’s wet) the terrain can make it difficult.

CLOBBER – Nothing special needed, although in winter time or when it’s wet it can get a bit muddy, especially near the river, which can even make the walk unachievable in anything but wellies.

DISTANCE – This walk (Cringleford Bridge to UEA Broad) is approximately 0.9 miles.


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