Caister Roman Fort

A visit to the site of Caister-on-Sea Roman Fort is a must for all budding historians or anyone with a passing interest in Britain’s Roman past.

What you will discover is the partially excavated remains of a Roman ‘Saxon Shore’ fort. The fort was built around AD 200 for a unit of the Roman army and navy and occupied until the end of the 4th century.

Rather than go in to lengthy detail or repeat information that is already out there, we felt the best way to entice you to visit this historic site was to show you some pictures from one of our visits to Caister-on-Sea Roman Fort.

Caister Roman Fort

Above and below, these photos are from the information boards at the site, which help to picture what the fort would’ve looked like.

Caister Roman Fort

The site of the Roman Fort is sited next to housing, so it is important to be quiet and respectful when visiting.

Caister Roman Fort Caister Roman Fort Caister Roman Fort

We really love this photo below because with a bit of imagination you can imagine a Roman garrison marching through the streets!

Caister Roman Fort


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