Blickling Hall at Christmas

An enchanted stroll around Blickling Hall and the garden of lights

Blickling Hall is a great place to visit all year round, and we should know because we’ve visited quite a lot over the years. In December Blickling is transformed throughout the estate in to a wonderful, magical spectacle.  Inside the hall a themed display takes over, both educating and intriguing, whilst outside a garden of lights illuminates the winter nights.

We visited late afternoon so that we could see the lights in the dark, but you can still enjoy the displays at other times too.

The first thing you will see is the tree lined drive leading up to Blickling Hall, lit in striking colours. This year, the interior of Blickling Hall was decorated in a Georgian Christmas theme, which was well worth seeing. Entry to the hall requires a timed ticket which was bookable on the Blickling Hall website. So, if you have planned to see inside the hall make sure you plan your visit around this.

Beyond the hall the gardens are decorated in spectacular lights, and the lights illuminate the way along Temple Walk toward the Doric Temple, where on a chilly evening a nice a glass of mulled wine or warm spiced apple drink (and perhaps a mince pie) was most welcome.

As you know, we love to take photos wherever we go, so we thought we would share a few pictures with you to show you how magical Blickling Estate looks at this time of year. Enjoy!

Blickling Hall at Christmas

Above, approaching Blickling Hall along the tree-lined drive.

Inside the hall this stairwell makes a great frame for a festively decorated tree.

Above, the view from inside of the free-lined drive.

Georgian themed decorations included this elaborate set of scenes from the 12-days of Christmas.

Another view outside from inside, this time of the gardens, a tantalising view of what is to come.

You can’t beat a roaring fire in winter. The main thing here though is, can you spot the Elf? There were many more Elves hidden around Blickling Hall.

Stars below and the moon above.

Looking back at the gardens and the hall, bathed in an elaborate canvas of colour.

As we walk along Temple Walk toward the Doric Temple it gets darker, colder, but our way is illuminated with more festive trees.

Another look back, this time photographed part way along Temple Walk. Shortly after this was taken we reached Doric Temple and enjoyed some seasonal warming drink!

Fingers cold from taking pictures on a chilly night, there was time for a few more snaps including this “half-and-half” colour scene of Blickling Hall.

Hello, who is this little fella? (looks to the sky) I think it might be rein…..deer (thanks to my boys for letting me borrow that joke they clearly got from a cracker…..)

Oh, now we’re getting arty! I’ll let you reflect on this image….


Blickling Hall at Christmas

Almost at the end. No more cracker jokes, honest. Just a stunning look back at Blickling’s Christmas light display.

And for our final image. A twinkle of lights from the hedge close to the tree-lined drive garnered intrigue and on closer inspection revealed this endless tunnel of light.

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