This post is a continuation of our recent post on Walking to Blakeney Point, in which we featured description and some photos of the outwards walk , right up to reaching the seasonally restricted western end of Blakeney Point Nature Reserve.

Having gone the route right along the beach up to the perimeter of the Nature Reserve, we followed the route over the dunes (good chance of sand in your shoes!), which leads up to a boardwalk across the dune grass. The observant walker would notice there are different varieties of plants and grasses (such as marram, lyme grass and grey-hair gass) growing, and binding the sand together.  Please note, it is important to stick to the designated paths as you walk through the reserve.


Below, plants and grasses growing at the Nature Reserve.


Locals will recall that in early December 2013 a tidal storm surge hit much of the East coast of the UK. Blakeney was amongst the areas affected.  The surge washed away sand dunes, affecting coastal vegetation and wildlife, and the freshwater marshes receiving unwelcome seawater.

The Old Lifeboat House (below), which sits at the end of Blakeney Spit, was structurally damaged. The level of the surge is marked on the side of the building behind.


Inside the Lifeboat house there is a National Trust exhibit.

Previously it was used as an information centre and also as a cafe serving light refreshments, which was always very welcome after a long walk. However, as you can see from the picture below, there are no refreshments available. I got some grief from the kids who were looking forward to a treat for walking all that way!


We would’ve loved to stay longer, but with a long walk back ahead of us I stopped to take a quick a picture of the boats moored near Blakeney and set off on the return leg of our journey.


To keep themselves entertained on the walk back (and to distract from the length of the walk!) the kids paddled in the sea for most of the inbound walk. I joined them for a while and the sea was lovely! I wouldn’t say it was warm, but it was pleasant enough to walk in, and great fun too! Of course, the sea can be strong, so please take care with youngsters.


Yep, I’m stood in the sea with waves crashing against my legs as I took this picture, above. Salt water and cameras don’t mix, not sure if I was more worried about sea spray or the boys splashing me!

And below, Luke has gone a bit further out (with a parental limitation of “not above the waist” being adhered to, just.)


If you missed it, please read our article on Walking to Blakeney Point,