Banham Zoo revisited

What better way to brighten up the wintry days than reviewing some photos taken in warmer times? Last year was such a hectic year that we actually had a few photo shoots that we didn’t quite get around to posting.

So, here’s a selection of photos taken at Banham Zoo, Norfolk. There is a great selection of animals to visit, including Giraffes, Meerkats, Sealions and some aweseome birds of prey. We like to visit Banham Zoo (and other animal attractions in Norfolk) every year as the kids love seeing the animals and learning all about them.


Sri Lankan Leopard


Hailing from the tropical forests in southeast Brazil, this Golden Lion Tamarin is lovely


A female Snowy Owl


The Giraffe’s roaming the Norfolk countryside at Banham Zoo.


Got a head for heights? You’ll need it on “Skytrek”!


Wow – saved the best one to last! This Merlin, Britain’s smallest bird of prey, is absolutely stunning.

We’ve posted plenty more pictures from our trips to Banham Zoo on our Facebook page.

You can also see more on our previous Banham Zoo update, or read our first review.

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