The weatherman said it was going to be sunny. It wasn’t. Well it was, but not until towards the end of our trip to Great Yarmouth. Which was a bit of as shame as we needed some new photos for NorfolkPlaces and wanted some glorious sunny sunshine to show off the golden beaches and the seafront. Even when the sun did come out it was still via a layer of cloud with only snippets of blue sky. Oh, and it was still cold too. Remember the “Beast from the East?” Still hanging around, I think!

Of course, we didn’t let that bother us. Afterall, there’s plenty to photograph in Great Yarmouth whatever the weather, and you don’t need a sunny hot day to have fun in Great Yarmouth either as there’s so much to do. We got the pictures we wanted and we’ve also managed to get put together a couple of photosets of other pictures we liked despite the overcast weather.

So, first up is a set of dynamic pictures. We took advantage of the moody clouds and the heritage or style of some of the buildings to create some dynamic shots, which we kinda liked. They’ve got a bit of atmosphere to them, maybe a couple are intentionally eerie too.

logflume gt yarmouth norfolkplaces
Ride the logflume. It’s cold it’s wet….and you’ll get wetter. But you’ve got to do it.

haunted house gt yarmouth on NorfolkPlaces
Come inside… if you dare! A foreboding sky above….

deckchairs gt yarmouth norfolkplaces
Brightly coloured deck-chairs upon Great Yarmouth’s golden sands.

pirate gr yarmouth on NorfolkPlaces
A solitary pirate stands on deck, stormy ominous skies behind.

Cactus and the ghost train on NorfolkPlaces
Perhaps the pirate is contemplating joining this Cactus on the Ghost Train!

portal cactus gt yarmouth on NorfolkPlaces
It’s that Cactus again, neatly framed

ship off the coast Gt Yarmouth on NorfolkPlaces
A ship off the coast. Fishing?

winter gardens1 gt yarmtouh on NorfolkPlaces
The Winter Gardens, in a state that no one wants to see, but we felt it needed including in here. Everyone would love to see it back to its former glory.

skyline Gt Yarmouth on NorfolkPlaces
A bit of colour can brighten up a dull day.

And that’s it really isn’t it? We go to the seaside to be cheered up, to have fun, enjoy the bright colour of the funfairs and arcades. Indulge in some chips and an ice cream. The weather is normally so much nicer at Yarmouth (and at any of Norfolk’s fantastic coastal resorts) throughout the holiday season, but we’ll still go there if the weather isn’t ideal and still have a fantastic time. And we did.

So, there you have it. It really was one of those days that was on the cusp of this recent chilly weather and the promise of bright sunny summer days to come, and maybe these photos capture that and we hope you enjoyed them for what they are.

The next set will be released in the next couple of weeks and is going to be a series of brighter shots (yes, despite the overcast day!) and we’ll add some extras from both sets to Facebook too.