From time to time, we write an occasional article that isn’t entirely Norfolk-related, but we hope they are still of interest. This is one of those articles.

As a big music fan I often take inspiration from listening to some of my favourite artists. In fact, a really great guy I worked with many years ago helped me realise that listening to music is a form of anchor to happier times that can be used to help you overcome situations or work that can get you down. For example, he would play his favourite songs whilst planning because he hated planning, and the music meant he could almost enjoy planning sessions.

And it works for me too. A few years ago, back in the days when I had a desk job in Norwich, I regularly played “Little Discourage” by Idlewild as I walked into work because it got me ready to start the day in a good mood. Music choice can often reflect our moods, and a tune that was enjoyed on a particular occasion for whatever reason can become a link to happiness on future occasions, and I think for me this particular tune did it for a while. In fact, whenever I hear that tune now it still helps me focus.

On other days I would play something like “Rock Star” by N.E.R.D or “Breaking the habit” by Linkin Park on a loop to really get the blood bubbling nicely, and by walking upright focusing straight ahead and thinking “IT’S SHOWTIME” meant I was going in with a positive and determined approach to achieving a particular result.

I have days where I stare at the screen vacantly, hoping that inspiration will strike. And then I’ll go through a cycle of social media checking, fix a snack, check social media again, check football fixtures for my boys, check social media and return to staring at the screen; Wondering what was I doing? What’s the most important thing to complete next? Have I done all the washing-up? Is it time for the school run? If I stare hard enough will my work get done for me?

Perhaps an App for limiting social media use might help! It might, but I know listening to music does. Sometimes I don’t need it, other times I just forget and struggle through my work. On occasions when I have that sudden realisation that the only sound is the whir of my brain, sticking some tunes on kicks it in to gear quickly. Right now the strains of King of the Slums‘ (no, you probably haven’t heard of them) “Manco Diablo” permeate the air, and encourage rapid tapping of this article.

I’ve mentioned more “rockier” alternative music, but that works for me. What is my Nirvana may be your Heaven 17. If show-tunes, classical music or even nursery rhymes make you happy then go for it. As mentioned earlier, if it’s something that evokes previous enjoyment then there’s a good chance it’ll work for you. As a guilty pleasure I will quite merrily play the Frozen soundtrack whilst working (yeah, I’m so “cool”) because it reminds me of singing along to it in the car with my kids, or watching it on Christmas day with my wider family.

Music really can help you overcome obstacles and help you work.  I think Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys really hit it on the head when they sang the lyrics “Add Some Music to your day” (from “Add Some Music”) – I would encourage everyone to do this. And don’t just play it – listen to it too. Lyrics can mean so much to you, and playing a song knowing there’s a particular meaning to you can really raise you more than just enjoying the tune.

Use music as your anchor – it can get you through anything.

What’s your favourite music to listen to while you work? Comment below.

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