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East Anglia’s leading independent promotional website

At NorfolkPlaces we set ourselves the objective of being your leading destination for tourism, leisure and lifestyle in Norfolk and beyond. As a small community-oriented business we know that’s a big ambition. Bring it on!

Humble Beginnings

NorfolkPlaces was launched in 2011 as a way of posting my family reviews of visits to great attractions. We had got so much pleasure from these places over the years and I wanted to tell everyone how great Norfolk is, and the areas surrounding Norfolk too. With a busy working week, weekends were opportunities to spend together, making memories.

A New Direction

I realised there was a lot of places we had not visited and we were getting requests from attractions that wanted to be included on our website. To help Norfolk’s tourism industry we decided to re-launch in late 2013 with a directory listings section that provided a shop-window for tourism, leisure and lifestyle in Norfolk.

Over the years we have continued to advance our directory to be the best. At first it was an opportunity for attractions and accommodation to tell our site visitors what they have on offer. Since our early days we have expanded to include lifestyle businesses, local producers and clubs/classes.

We’re now so much more than just a review and directory website, offering much more to promote Norfolk’s tourism, leisure and lifestyle businesses.

Community At Our Core

From day one I wanted to ensure we could support local charities and the community in some way. When we built our directory this presented the opportunity to do that in two ways; We provide free directory listings to places and attractions ran by charitable organisations, and all local charities have a profile page to raise awareness of their work in the community. As part of our social media promotion we highlight these charities to our strong following.

Leading Locals : Expanded Horizons

The fact that we’re local and we go out and do our own reviews of some of the places on our site helps to distinguish us from our competitors, many of which are created by people outside of the region. And as we move forward we are building a team of local writers and contributors who are helping us to help you.

It would be easy to put up a virtual picket fence around the county and say “nah, we only cover places in Norfolk” but the everyday world doesn’t have this boundary. Locals and tourists alike will cross the county borders to visit places in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire too, so we mirror this in our listings and reviews.

I hope our efforts and the work we do with all of the businesses and attractions listed on the site help you to have a pleasurable day out (or even a vacation) in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Enjoy Norfolk!

Mark Towers and the NorfolkPlaces Team





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